A client might receive an email from intuit stating:

We are reaching out to you because we noticed that you have one or more 4th quarter and/or annual [YEAR] tax filings that have not yet been completed in your payroll account. A system audit on [DATE] showed that your account paid taxes in the [YEAR], but you never filed one or more 4th quarter or annual federal and/or state tax forms.

It is possible you have filed these tax forms outside of the system but have not yet archived them. If all 4th quarter and annual [YEAR] filings have been completed, no action is required. This email is simply a courtesy to remind you to make sure all filings are completed prior to the due date provided in your payroll account.

If you have not yet completed all 4th quarter and annual [YEAR] tax filings, please login to your account and complete the filings as soon as possible. Please follow the instructions on the individual tax forms. 

This can happen if:

  • A form was not filed
  • A form does not apply to the client
  • The client filed any of the forms after the due date

Generally, if the client completed filing the annual forms for [YEAR] after [DATE], then there isn't anything further to worry about. For further verification, contact QBO support. They can verify what forms are missing and contact the client to let them know.

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